HMO Property Services

HMO properties require various maintenance and certifications to be completed to ensure the HMO is safe for the tenants. Pace Fire can provide the following to assist you with your requirements:

  • Fire Alarm Maintenance, Grade A (6 Monthly) and Grade D (Annually)

  • Emergency Lighting Test (Annually)

  • PAT Testing (Annually)

  • EICR Test (5 Yearly Or As Required)

  • Fire Extinguisher Maintenance (Annually)

  • Fire Risk Assessments (As Required)

  • Fire Door Maintenance (As Required)

We are now offering Monthly HMO Fire Safety Checks. This is the perfect way to have someone independent go to the property and check that every fire protection measure is being adhered to and in good working order. We look at the following on these checks:

  • Take a photo of outside the property

  • Means of escape - Are all escape routes kept clear? Are all final exit doors immediately openable?

  • Fire resisting doors - Are doors free from damage? Do doors close fully? Are intumescent strips in good order?

  • Fire alarm test - Activate a call point or Alarm to sound the alarm. Is the panel fault free or all alarms situated on their bases?

  • Emergency light flick test.

A report will be emailed for each property with photographs attached for each section. If you wish, we could even add something else to check every month at the HMO. 

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.