Kitchen Fire Suppression

Hazardous oil and grease fires in kitchens take place when oil overheats from 350 ̊C - 380 ̊C. They are further enhanced by the accumulation of oil in the filter and the exhaust ducts of the kitchen hood.
Kitchen fires are also caused by user error or malfunctioning components and by malfunctioning
automated temperature control equipment in electrical deep fat fryers.
Wet Chemical Kitchen Suppression Systems are automated; which means they can detect and suppress a thermal event, even when there's no one around.


• Works on Class A, B and F (cooking oil) fires
• Automatic detection and actuation
• Flexible piping configurations allow for a streamlined design and convenient installation.

Pace Fire are able to design, install, commission and maintain Kitchen Fire Suppression systems for both commercial and domestic kitchens. 

Commercial Kitchen Systems are certified by LPCB for LPS1223 Standard Certification.

Domestic Kitchen Systems are tested by BSI .